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Printed Industry Report

Our industry sector reports contain the latest financial analysis and accounting data for companies operating in each industrial sector. Industry graphs highlight trends and make benchmarking comparisons simple. The Book or eBook version of our industry reports contain both the accounting data and the key financial ratios for up to 600 companies together with more than 25 rankings. More than 20,000 customers have used our industry reports to see at a glance how well companies are doing and how industry trends are developing.


Financial Analysis Software

Our financial analysis software gives access to the data for all the companies in the industry report. Using the searchable database, subscribers can view, print or export the data to a spreadsheet. Industry analysis can be focused, using the facility to screen for financial or geographic search criteria. It is simple to segment the industy report producing customised listings that exactly match your requirements and with the industry averages and rankings that result reflecting your selections.

Immediate delivery of the most focused and competitively priced industry reports

:: Immediate Delivery: The eBook version of our industry report is downloadable directly from our website within minutes of receipt of your order.

:: Analysis of Real Data: The latest data available from Companies House is incorporated into your report whenever you order. The business intelligence in our analysis is presented in a clear and readily understandable format.

:: Searchable Database: Our financial analysis software gives you power over the business information in the industry report. If you are looking to export a mailing contact list or data for incorporation into a report of your own then this version of our industry report will save you both time and money.


:: Industry Statistics Based on Analysis of Relevant Companies: We do not use SIC codes in putting together our report listings. In fact most of our effort goes into determining the correct companies to include since this affects our industry averages, the estimate of market size and share and the overall quality of our industry reports.

:: Free Updates: Our unique free updating service allows the inclusion of all the relevant companies you require and provides the facility to download the latest version of the report each week. Business information in our industry reports reflects the latest picture on the relevant companies.

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